What is involved with the portfolio review?

Quite often, a Portfolio review may be triggered by an event relating to one of the stocks within your Portfolio if there was something that gave us the opinion that a share was either going up or down.

Depending on the news relating to it, we efficiently use our proficient systems at Shaw and Partners, which allow us to see all clients in an individual stock. Then we can subsequently ring or email the client about the event. A further phone call would then take place where we discuss the event and decide upon a course of action if required.

Other reasons for prompting a Portfolio review might be a client contacting us and saying that they have additional surplus funds to invest. That may prompt either a phone discussion or face to face meeting where we talk more about those funds available. We discuss the client’s risk profile, and tolerance and appetite for risk, which allows us to then make appropriate investments with the funds.

Another prompt for a Portfolio review might be when a client contacts me and asks to come in to discuss their portfolio. I have clients that come in and see me on a quarterly or half-yearly basis to thoroughly review their portfolio. It really is determined by the situation, the size of the portfolio, and how often we have spoken during the period to determine whether it’s necessary to have a sit-down meeting, or whether the same outcome can be achieved over a phone call.

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